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Our History

Edward S. McGrath, the founder of Marine Lumber knew his way around the steamship Industry. Edward began his career as a maritime lawyer, obtaining his license to practice law in Boston. From Boston, he moved on to San Francisco, and finally, Portland, Oregon where he spent the rest of his life. Once in Portland, Edward started Stanley Steamship lines, providing river pilots to guide barges through the Columbia River.

In 1946, Edward started Marine Lumber Company at the height of the booming shipbuilding industry in Portland, Oregon following the end of World War II.

Marine Lumber Company began by supplying lining lumber to the steamship industry. In the early days of ocean line shipping, cargo was transported in bags, boxes, drums, or barrels. To ensure goods arrived intact, lining lumber and plywood was used to secure and brace cargo for ocean voyages.

Business thrived until the introduction of shipping containers in the 1960s. Almost overnight, containerized shipping made lining lumber and panels obsolete. As business rapidly declined, Edward’s son, Stan, had to search for a new market to enter.  Stan pivoted Marine Lumber’s focus from lining lumber, to focusing on supplying lumber and plywood for industrial packaging and crating, another booming industry in Portland.

Today, Marine Lumber continues to operate as a 3rd generation, family-run business with a global reach.  We supply a wide array of industries, including, but not limited to Military, Agriculture, building products, and industrial packaging.  We are currently headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon with an office in London, England and Qingdao, China. In addition to our offices, we have factories operating in Oregon, Brazil, and China.

For over 75 years, we have ensured consistent, on-time and dependable service. We are proud to deliver our customers competitively priced, high quality wood products.

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