Fresh cut lumber pieces lying on sawmill

Industrial Lumber

At Marine Lumber Co., we are anything but a typical wood products supplier. Our automated machinery gives us the tools and flexibility to be your single-source supplier for any project. From high volume batches to one-off production—whatever you need, we have you covered.

Man inspects wooden log on sawing mill with tape measure

Cut-to-Length Lumber + Timber

We process a wide variety of lumber, timber, and specialty fiber to exact specifications. Whatever your project needs, we deliver custom solutions at reasonable prices.

Sheets of plywood are carefully stacked and organized

Plywood, Panels + Cut-to-Size Plywood

At Marine Lumber Co., we carry a wide array of plywood, OSB, MDF, and particle board panels. Need a custom plywood panel? Our high volume panel processing machines will get the job done.

Custom Wood Products

Marine Lumber Co. is committed to providing customized solutions that fit your needs. We can remanufacture any of our lumber products to fit your industrial needs. We have the experience, flexibility, and capacity to help you out with any volume of order. Some custom wood products we offer:

Banding Groove Runners

Our banding grooved products ensure a secure hold and stable surface for stacking and securing products. We offer custom widths, thicknesses, and lengths cut to your specifications, and will work to find the most cost-effective packaging solutions.


Do you have an export shipment requiring specific lumber sizes for dunnage? We can design and cut lumber for all your dunnage needs. We can also provide an ISPM-15 or Heat Treated stamp as needed.

Custom Wood Dunnage Supports Shipping Container Contents for Transport
Woodworker carefully grinds furniture components in workshop

Manufactured Components

Companies choose Marine Lumber Co. based on our superior craftsmanship. Our manufactured components are used in bedding, vent blocks, furniture, storage sheds, and much more. We source a wide variety of woods and mill components to high tolerances. Examples of manufactured components we produce include:


Marine Lumber Co. supplies components used in mattress foundations. This includes wood components, fasteners, corrugate, and more.

Vent Blocks

Our custom engineered equipment enables us to offer a full line of premium solid vent blocks. All our blocks are hand graded to a premium standard or better. Special grades are available upon request.


All standard sizes from 2×4 through to 2×12 are available on-site. We can also hold customized products enabling immediate shipment. Screens are 23 gage with either 1/8” or 1/4” spacing. Other gages and spacing can be supplied.


We offer customized products such as: beveled blocks, angle cuts, special lengths & spacing, and tailored dimensions.

Furniture Components

We supply a variety of products for custom cabinets and furniture used in homes and recreational vehicles. From domestic drawer sides and fronts, to tabletops, glue-up components, and profile rail. We have the expertise and capability to always provide you with what you need.

Storage Sheds

Marine Lumber Co. provides a broad range of components to storage shed builders. From small craftsman shops to large national companies, we supply roof trusses, sheathing, trim, and more.

Large wooden moving crates are packed and stored in warehouse

Military + Civilian Moving and Storage Products

Marine Lumber Co. is a global supplier of moving and storage products for military and civilian use. Our products feature quality materials, precision manufacturing, and superior craftsmanship. No matter where you are shipping to, our products offer outstanding protection against damage.

Apples and Pears are stored and stacked in large wooden agricultural crates

Agricultural Bins, Racks + Support Frames

We help farmers store more products in less space, and at a lower cost. We exceed the demands of our customers by producing cost-effective food storage solutions. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail mean our products last season after season.

Production line worker sands wooden pallet using wood grinder

Specialty Wood Pallets + Skids

At Marine Lumber Co., we specialize in wholesale wooden pallets and skids. We produce all pallet components onsite using state-of-the-art production equipment. This allows us the ability to offer a variety of custom options to fit your needs.

Crane moves stacks of cut timber on shipping dock

Imported Plywood, Lumber, Specialty Crates + Constructed Wood Products

We compliment our domestic inventory with competitively-priced, imported plywood and lumber. We source a wide variety of products from various places around the globe. We offer unlimited options to help you find the right solution for your project.

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